12 Step Meetings for Dentists

Do dentists have their own AA or 12 step meetings for substance abuse problems?

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Dentists belong to a group known as "professionals" who practice a specialty that requires advanced training and certification. Health professionals (including dentists) are usually also licensed by a state government, and forbidden from delivering healthcare without a valid license. Usually states have licensing boards, comprised of individuals from the specific health profession, to oversee the rules and regulations for state licensure, as well as the regulations regarding substance abuse and license to practice. Special programs exist for "impaired professionals" seeking treatment.

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From the American Dental Association:

It is unethical for a dentist to practice while abusing controlled substances, alcohol or other chemical agents which impair the ability to practice. All dentists have an ethical obligation to urge chemically impaired colleagues to seek treatment. Dentists with first-hand knowledge that a colleague is practicing dentistry when so impaired have an ethical responsibility to report such evidence to the professional assistance committee of a dental society

so dentists have to be very careful about substance abuse, alcoholism, and addiction.


Note: Questions about AA meetings and specific groups (such as dentists) are often local -- meaning people are looking for local groups in their own cities and towns. If you want to provide help for your town or city, just post your answer here with your town or city name emphasized.

Answers of the general question are also important!


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