roxycodone vs. oxycodone

What is the difference between roxicodone and oxicodone? (or maybe it's roxycodone, and oxycodone?)

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Roxycodone (sometimes mispelled Roxicodone) is a widely abused brand name prescription narcotic painkiller. Roxycodone is also known as "roxy" or "roxi".

Oxycodone (sometimes mispelled Oxicodone) is a generic analgesic drug available by prescription only. It is also called "Blue", "Hillbilly Heroin", "Kicker","OC", "OX", "Oxy", "Oxycotton", and "poor man’s heroin".

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Prescription Drugs

Roxycodone is a brand name for a narcotic available only by prescription. Oxycodone is the name for a generic name for the same drug available only by prescription.



When used illicitly and sold on the street Roxycodone is known as “blues”, “OxyIR”, “roxies”, “roxy” and “roxi”. Oxycodone is known on the street as “Blue”, “Hillbilly Heroin”, “Kickers”,“OC”, “OX”, “Oxy”, “Oxycotton”, and “poor man’s heroin”.



Both oxycodone and Roxycodone are opioids, which are synthetic opiates. Opiates are drugs that are derived from poppy plants that contain opium.

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