How do I do an intervention? (for heroin addiction)

How do I perform an intervention for a heroin addict or someone struggling with heroin abuse?

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Certified professional interventionists are experienced drug and alcohol addiction counselors trained to perform interventions. An intervention is a serious addiction treatment technique, and introduces an addict to the world of recovery. Heroin is one of the most addictive and life debilitating drugs abused today. Heroin addiction, if not treated, often results in death.

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Heroin is an opiate traditionally synthesized as an analgesic for severe pain relief.


Addiction Treatment

Intervention is a part of some addiction treatment, when the addict is not recognizing his or her addiction and will not get help, like drug detox or rehab.



Heroin (diacetylmorphine, morphine diacetate, or diamorphine) is a opiate drug commonly abused. Street names for heroin include smack, junk, black tar, brown sugar, and dragon.


Heroin Addiction

Drug addicts often need a solid support system to be able to realize their addictions and begin a successful recovery.


Heroin Abuse

Some people use an interventionist to help a loved one, friend or family member, stop using drugs, like heroin, before strong dependencies are created.

I have no experience with interventions for heroin addiction, but I do watch "Intervention" on TV. Heroin addiction seems to be one of the worst for withdrawal. So if the user is not fixing, might be hard to get them to tolerate an intervention (or even listen up). Then again, if they are starting in withdrawal because they can't get a fix and are feeling desperate and paranoid, maybe it would be a good time?

I look forward to the answers.. this one is tough.


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