Is JWH-073 illegal in New Jersey?

JWH-073 "butanoic acid"

Other names used for synthetic marijuana include synthetic cannabis, synthetic pot, synthetic weed, fake pot, and herbal incense. In an effort to control synthetic marijuana abuse, the United States DEA put an emergency ban on a large list of synthetic compounds found in common brands, or "blends", of fake weed. In an effort to dodge legislation, designer drug manufacturers are using different chemicals whenever old chemicals are banned. These new compounds produce similar effects while remaining structurally unique, and are therefore legal.

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Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic marijuana, or synthetic cannabis, is created by spraying natural herbs with synthetic, psychoactive chemicals.


Designer Drugs

Synthetic marijuana is a designer drug, created with the intent of mimicking the effects of illegal drugs. It remains a legal substance by labeling itself "not for human consumption".


Synthetic Marijuana

Though synthetic marijuana, like Spice and K2, is called "marijuana", it does not come from the cannabis plant and does not contain THC, like natural marijuana buds do.

In March 2011, the United States DEA listed JWH-073 as a Schedule I Controlled Substance.

Though the drug has been banned on a federal level, the state of New Jersey has not banned the use of the chemical specifically. New Jersey has banned the sale of "Spice" and "K2", however, the chemical makeup of those substances continue to change. There are countless other synthetic marijuana brands available for sale, and many contain JWH-073.


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