What is "Spice"? (synthetic marijuana)


Sold in head shops.

Other names used for synthetic marijuana include synthetic cannabis, synthetic pot, synthetic weed, fake pot, and herbal incense. In an effort to control synthetic marijuana abuse, the United States DEA put an emergency ban on a large list of synthetic compounds found in common brands, or "blends", which will last for a year. In an effort to dodge legislation, designer drug manufacturers slightly alter the chemical cocktails, e.g. JWH-018 to JWH-073, in order to remain technically legal. Though the new compounds remain structurally unique, their effects are more common than not.

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Synthetic Drugs

"Spice" is created by spraying natural herbs with synthetic, psychoactive chemicals, like JWH-018 and JWH-073.


Designer Drugs

Designer drugs are created with the intent of mimicking the effects of illegal drugs, like marijuana. It remains a legal substance in some locations by labeling itself "not for human consumption".


Synthetic Marijuana

Though synthetic marijuana, like Spice and K2, is called "marijuana", it does not come from the cannabis plant and does not contain THC, like natural marijuana buds do.

"Spice" is a popular brand name synthetic marijuana product that is commonly abused. It is labeled "not for human consumption", which is in place to avoid legal restrictions. The DEA and many governments around the world have identified Spice and its contents as dangerous and a threat to society. The DEA scheduled an emergency, one-year ban on the product and its active ingredients. It is clear that the drug is being abused, especially by young adults and teens, who have access to the product via head shops and gas stations. Many countries have banned the brand name substance.

"Spice" is a brand name synthetic marijuana, or herbal incense. Like many other fake pot blends, "Spice" comes in different flavors, like Tropical Synergy, Gold, and Diamond (shown above). Common synthetic cannabinoids found in "Spice" include JWH-018 and JWH-073. Herbal incense is sold at head shops all over the world.

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