What is Suboxone?

What does Suboxone do? What is the difference between Suboxone and Suboxone Film?

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The drug detoxification process is a very difficult and often painful experience for a recovering addict. Physical withdrawals become more violent as dosage and length of abuse increase. For recovering opiate addicts, an opioid antagonist are often used during detox to treat addictive cravings and moderate pain. If you need help with withdrawal or detox, please contact a professional drug detox center or find medical assistance.

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Prescription Drugs

Suboxone and Suboxone Film are both available by prescription only.



Opiates and synthetic opioids were first derived from the opium poppy and are traditionally used as therapeutic analgesics.


Opiate Detox

Tapered doses of less-powerful opioids, called opioid antagonists, are often used during opiate detox to return the recovering addict to a sober equilibrium.


Opiate Withdrawal

Opiate withdrawal can be life-threatening if not supervised by trained medical professionals.



Suboxone is a Schedule III controlled substance.

Suboxone is a trademarked substance (in tablet form) used for treatment or maintenance of opiate dependence, by reducing withdrawal symptoms.

SUBOXONE Film is placed under the tongue. It has the same effect (and side effects) as the tablet only it enters the system faster than the tablet.

Both are just as addictive as the opiates they were designed to counteract and just as deadly.

"Using this medicine improperly will increase your risk of serious side effects or death." (quote from Drugs.com.


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My son became addicted to Suboxone. Is an opiate. OMG it was a terrible withdrawal!!


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