How common is suicide during heroin withdrawal?

Suicide and heroin withdrawal...does it happen often? Do people become suicidal or have suicidal tendencies in heroin withdrawal?

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Heroin is an opiate analgesic traditionally used to treat severe pain.



Today, heroin (diacetylmorphine, morphine diacetate, diamorphine) is a highly addictive recreational drug commonly abused on the street, especially in low-income areas.


Heroin Addiction

Many people struggle with heroin addiction and relapse is not uncommon. The circle of heroin addiction is difficult to manage alone, and it is recommended for recovering addicts to seek professional support.


Heroin Withdrawal

Heroin withdrawal can be life-threatening if not monitored in a professional, medical setting, like drug rehab or detox centers.

Unfortunately there are no firm numbers available regarding the rate of suicide among people who are in treatment for heroin addiction. On the other hand, US government and medical school studies are fairly consistent in stating that heroin users have a 14 times higher risk of suicide than the non-drug using public. They also state that 10% - 35% of heroin user deaths are as a result of deliberate suicide (as opposed to accidental overdose death). All treatment programs are aware of the increased possibility of suicide in heroin users, and make every attempt to monitor them especially carefully. As a result, the incidence of actual heroin user suicides in residential treatment programs would be lower than that of people withdrawing from heroin use on their own in an unsupervised or un-monitored setting, or of people who continue to use heroin.


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Not sure about heroin vs. other drugs, but definitely not as bad as antidepressants in my opinion. Heroin users I know are are survivors, except the ones that want to end it all. The withdrawal sickness sucks, and it's super easy to just use to solve it, which I think is the real problem not suicide.

Antidepressants though is different. Coming off them is nuts and definitely know some people who are suicidal both on and coming off them.


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