How do you know if you need to go to rehab for drugs or alcohol?

Is rehab for everyone? Who needs it most? Can an addict have a successful recovery from drug or alcohol abuse without it?

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Drug rehabilitation (rehab) describes the medical and/or psychotherapeutic treatment of one’s substance addiction. Inpatient treatment is the most common method of rehab, which often includes a detoxification (detox) regiment. To prevent future relapse, elements from rehab are practiced for the rest of a recovering addict’s life, like attending group-help meetings such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction cannot be cured, but programs like drug rehab help addicts manage everyday cravings and learn how to be happy without drugs.


Drug Detox

Drug detox is often required before admission into drug rehab. You must be free of drugs and alcohol before you can begin treatment for drug addiction or alcohol addiction.


Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is part of drug addiction treatment. The purpose of drug rehab is to safely transition a recovering addict to a healthy life without drugs.


Drug Treatment

Drug addiction treatment includes drug detox, rehab, and recovery. Drug rehab is arguably the most important step in drug treatment, while living in recovery is a lifelong challenge.


Alcohol Treatment

Like drug treatment, alcohol addiction treatment includes alcohol detox, rehab, and learning to live in recovery, free from alcohol.

Some lucky folks find that they are able to manage without any treatment at all, but the issues surrounding drug use and alcoholism are so complex that most people could use some help sorting through and resolving them. Consultation with experts will assist you in deciding what further course of action is necessary for you to have the best chance of success at remaining clean and sober.


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Chances are that you need rehab. Recovering from addiction is extremely demanding and difficult for someone to do alone or outside a controlled setting. Professional help makes recovery more manageable and a more realistic goal for any addict.

“Rehab” normally refers to inpatient treatment, and can vary from two or three weeks to as much as two years (most commonly, rehabilitation programs range from 1 to three months). Rehabilitation means exactly that: the program helps clients work through issues relating to their drug use, family, employment and legal problems, and usually involves reintroduction to social skills. All of these things prepare them for rejoining the community. Along with education, exercise, peer support, and introduction to resources that can be accessed after leaving treatment, it usually provides clients with their best shot at remaining clean and sober for prolonged periods.

Addicts may undergo other forms of treatment outside of rehab, like weekly visits to a therapist or self-help group. Again, it depends on the individual and one’s ability to live apart from addiction.


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