What does MDMA look like?

What is the appearance of MDMA, or Ecstasy? What form does MDMA and Ecstasy come in?

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A set of drugs (mostly synthetic drugs) have become known as "club drugs" because they are very popular among dance club devotees, especially young "ravers" particpating in raves (underage or mixed age dances, often arranged in an underground, unregulated fashion). Dissociative drugs, psychoactive drugs, and stimulants are common club drugs, including ecstasy and MDMA.

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Synthetic Drugs

MDMA and Ecstasy are synthetic stimulant drugs. Though Ecstasy contains MDMA, it is often cut with cheap fillers like impure methamphetamine or "speed".



Ecstasy, also known as E, X, E-Bomb, Thizz, and Skittles, is a common "club drug" abused by party-goers and ravers.



MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is the active compound in Ecstasy. In its purest form, it is known as "Molly" on the streets and at raves.

Pure MDMA, or "molly", is a fine white powder that is typically sold in small zip baggies or in fillable capsules.

Though Ecstasy's main compound is MDMA, it is almost never sold in powder form. Instead, ecstasy is typically sold in round chalky tablets and come in a variety of colors (blue, red, pink, yellow, purple, white, etc.). It is common for these tablets, or pills, to have familiar designs and commercial logos imprinted on one or both sides. I have heard of E-pills having imprints such as the Mitsubishi logo, Transformer logos, smiley faces, peace signs, Armani logo, Adidas logo, an anchor, a yin-yang, etc.

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