What does LSD look like?

What is the appearance of LSD? What form does LSD come in?

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Synthetic Drugs

LSD, or Acid, is considered a semi-synthetic drug because though most of its structure is technically synthetic, part of the drug can be found in nature.



LSD is a psychoactive, psychedelic drug most commonly called Acid. It can be considered a "club drug" and is also known as blotter, doses, tabs, dots, and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

Lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD (LSD-25) or "Acid", is created in liquid form. The liquid is clear (transparent) and has no smell (odorless), with a similar appearance to water. One drop of LSD is considered a single dose, or a "hit". Users may choose to use a dropper directly from a vial, dropping the desired amount on the tongue, or even in the eye, for ingestion. This is where I think the phrase, "dropping acid" comes from. Another common way to take LSD is to put drops on anything from a sugar cube, to a sour patch kid, to a piece of relatively thick paper (called "tabs"), and then eating the substance. LSD is typically stored in a freezer and many people wrap it in tin foil, so the liquid is preserved inside.


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LSD is an colorless, odorless and tasteless liquid. It is administered in many different ways under different names. Tabs - small tablets or pills, Blotter - drops dried onto blotter paper and then cut out, cubes - drops placed onto sugar cubes, it can also be injected or a drop placed under the tongue.


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