What does meth look like?

What is the appearance of methamphetamine? What form does meth come in?

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Meth is "one of the most highly addictive substances known. Methamphetamine abuse leads to devastating medical, psychological, and social consequences. Adverse health effects include memory loss, aggression, psychotic behavior, heart damage, malnutrition, and severe dental problems." Meth was originally introduced as a stimulant to keep soldiers alert in WWII and has been used to treat ADHD (though rarely used anymore). Meth is so destructive it is considered the greatest drug addiction threat of all substances.

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Methamphetamines, AKA metamfetamine, meth, glass, N-methylamphetamine, methylamphetamine, and desoxyephedrine, are psychoactive stimulants that are relatively cheap, highly addictive, and commonly abused on the street.

Regular meth is a white pill or powder. Crystal meth resembles glass fragments or shiny blue-white “rocks” of various sizes.


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I'm afraid the days of "White Pill or Powder" are long gone. Back in 'The Day' (60's) it was, but now-a-days it is mostly a light brown or yellow'ish. This is a result of all of the chemicals used to create it. The stuff on the street is no longer 'pharmaceutical' quality, it is made from a combination of drain cleaner, solvents, model airplane fuel, ammonium nitrate, starting fluid and a lot more deadly components. Yum-yum where do i get me some?


answered 24 May '13, 15:45

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