What is Four Loko?

Four Loko energy drink.

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Four Loko is a malt liquor drink created by Phusion Projects LLC in Chicago, Illinois (introduced in 2005).

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Four Loko is a high-proof, high-volume alcoholic drink.


Energy Drinks

Four Loko used to contain "energy" (caffeine, guarana, etc.), but recent legislation restricted further production of alcoholic-energy drinks.

Four Loko was not banned by the feds. Back in the day Four Loko had alcohol and caffiene, and the combination of alcohol and stimulants was challenged. It would have been banned, if Four Loko had not changed it. They did change it. BUT they didn't change away from alcohol to become an energy drink -- the changed away from energy drink to become an alcohol drink.

Today's Four Loko is a 12% alcohol by volume, without any stimulants, and comes in an oversized can. It's widely available.

Four Loko is still getting challenged for the size of their cans. Since it is twice as strong as beer, tastes fruity-sweet like a soft drink, and comes in a can 2.5 times bigger than the typical beer can, critics say it still should be banned. I think I read that Four Loko is working on making the big can resealable, which will take it out of the "single serving" class, and technically bring it into compliance with consumer expectations (suggesting Four Loko doesn't intend it to be a single-serving can).


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I still have some Four Loco with alcohol in it. Looks like the same thing, except it says "Alcohol" on the side.. I think it says 12% Alcohol. I'll post a picture if I can.


Four Loko is, or should I say was, a malt liquor energy drink. Now, after a federal ban, Four Loko is just an energy drink (with the exact same design on the can as before...don't be fooled!). The combination of caffeine and alcohol proved fatal in many cases (especially underage drinkers and young adults), causing a removal of the original cans from all stores.


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