What are "Alcopops"?

I've heard the term before, but never knew exactly what it meant. My best guess is they are alcoholic sodas.

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Alcopops contain alcohol.


Energy Drinks

Some Alcopops contain or used to contain "energy" (caffeine, guarana, etc.). Recent legislation has made it nearly impossible to produce or distribute alcoholic energy drinks in the US due to health concerns and under-age abuse.

That's a pretty good guess. The alcohol industry calls these drinks "flavored malt beverages," "malternatives," or "RTDs" meaning "ready to drink". Generally, alcopops are sweet, fizzy, fruity, malt-based drinks.

Some of the most popular brands include Smirnoff Ice, Skyy Blue, Bacardi Silver, Jack Daniel’s Original Hard Cola and Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Four Loko and similar products integrate caffeine with alcohol, and distribute the alcopop in extra-large cans. Some have referred to Four Loko as the "supersized alcopop".

Anti-alcohol organizations like Alcohol Justice believe alcopop companies market to minors, especially underage girls. The Federal Trade Commission investigated whether or not alcopop companies target minors. They ruled that alcopop companies don't explicitly target minors and alcohol companies agreed with them.

Alcopops are also known as :

Alcopops are also known as chick beer, clear malts, flavored malt beverages, fruit beer, Cheerleader beer, malternatives, RTDs for "Ready To Drink", FABs for "Flavored Alcoholic Beverages", citrus-flavored malt beverage, etc.

Alcopops are Made With:

Alcopops can be made with beer, vodka, scotch, whiskey, rum, or even wine (wine cooler).

Brands of Alcopops:

List of Brands of Alcopops include Smeernoff Ice, Bacardi Breeze, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Skyy Blue, Jack Daniel's Hard Cola, WKD Original Vodka, Six Degrees, Joose, Sparks, White Mountain Cooler, 3sum, Country Coolers, Four Loko, Zima XXX, Tilt, Jewel Isle Rum Punch, Red Square, Black Douglas, UDL, Hooper's Hooch, Lemon Ruski, Pulse, Rev, Vodka Cruiser, Vodka Mudshake, Cult Shaker, Metz... and plenty more.

Alcopops Controversy

The alcopops controversy includes:

anti-alcohol groups claim teens prefer alcopops (and that marketing is aimed at teens)

AMA claims promoting alcohol to teens is bad idea

anti-substance abuse groups claim teens are more easily addicted

reports suggest girls like alcopops best

everyone thinks alcopops lead to unsafe sex, addiction, and other irresponsible behavior by teens

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