How long does cocaine rehab take?

What is the typical duration of cocaine rehab? What is it like?

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Though the cocaine epidemic has slowed since the 1980's, many people still struggle with cocaine and crack addictions. Cocaine is most commonly snorted (inhaled) in "lines", but users can also inject or smoke it. Crack is most commonly smoked, using a crack pipe or by freebasing. Cocaine is a stimulant and an anesthetic. It was traditionally used in dental practices because of its ability to numb the mouth for short periods of time. Cocaine bought on the street may not always be pure and runs the risk of being laced with mystery substances like baking soda.

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Cocaine (benzoylmethylecgonine) is a stimulant drug produced from the coca plant, most commonly available in fine white powder or crushable clumps, called "rocks".


Cocaine Detox

Many cocaine rehab programs recommend going to detox prior to admission. Some rehab centers include detox as part of their treatment.


Cocaine Rehab

Not all cocaine rehab programs are the same, and some treatment centers are a better fit for a user's recovery than others.


Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a very addictive drug because of its effect on the mesolimbic reward pathway. Most chronic users need extensive treatment to successfully recover.

Rehab for cocaine usually includes detox and inpatient treatment. You may be checked into an inpatient treatment for as long as it takes to properly rehabilitate, which means they might suggest you stay longer than you initially planned. Programs last anywhere from a week or two, to multiple months, depending on the person and his or her situation.


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As long as it takes to get better. Could be years.


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