Is Cocaine addictive?

Can someone become addicted to cocaine?

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Though the cocaine epidemic has slowed since the 1980's, cocaine and crack cocaine is still widely available on the streets. Cocaine is most commonly snorted (inhaled) in "lines", but users can also inject or smoke it. Crack is most commonly smoked, using a crack pipe or by freebasing. Cocaine is a stimulant and an anesthetic. It was traditionally used in dental practices because of its ability to numb the mouth for short periods of time. Cocaine bought on the street may not always be pure and runs the risk of being laced with mystery substances like baking soda.

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Cocaine (benzoylmethylecgonine) is a stimulant drug produced from the coca plant, most commonly available in fine white powder or crushable clumps, called "rocks".


Cocaine Abuse

Chronic abuse of cocaine, like most mood-altering substances, can create dependencies that are difficult to reverse.


Cocaine Addiction

There is a fine line between simply craving a substance like cocaine and being addicted to cocaine. Some addicts do not realize the difference.

Yes. Cocaine is a stimulant drug. As you use more and more, your body requires a higher dose to get high. If you stop using after chronic use, your body is sent into a painful withdrawal. Sooner or later, you use just to feel "normal": that's addiction.


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