What is OxyNEO?

New uncrushable Oxycontin in Canada, that's all I know. Is it the new oxy for here in the states as well?

With dramatic increases in illegitimate pain clinics ("pill mills") and patient "doctor shopping" in recent years, the rate of prescription painkiller abuse skyrocketed. Purdue Pharma's Oxycontin, an opiate prescribed for chronic pain management, has become the center of attention for its significant effect on nationwide increases in prescription-drug abuse. Alternatives to Oxycontin are now being created to offset painkiller abuse.

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Opiate Addiction

Tamper-proof versions of Oxycontin are being created to help lower the increasing rates of Oxy addiction.



OxyNEO, like Oxycontin, is an opiate used for pain relief.


Prescription Drugs

OxyNEO, like Oxycontin, is available by prescription only.


Opiate Abuse

Oxycontin abuse has soared in the last few years, and new, tamper-proof versions are being created in response.



OxyNEO is the tamper-proof verison of Oxycontin, available in Canada.

Only in Canada from what I know. Abuse-resistant Oxy


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