Is Oxycontin safe for children?


Can children use Oxycontin? Is it safe?

asked 06 Jul '12, 11:33

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Prescription Drugs

Oxycontin, like all oxycodone-based medication, is available by prescription only.



Oxycontin is a synthetic opioid prescribed for the treatment of severe, chronic pain.



We often refer to powerful pain relief medication, like Oxycontin, as "painkillers".



Oxycontin is manufactured by Purdue Pharmaceuticals. Doctors prescribe Oxy to help people manage their chronic pain.

Oxycontin is a super powerful painkiller, meant for severe and chronic pain management. I'm not saying that children can't have sever or chronic pain, but it usually doesn't take such a powerful painkiller to treat pain in smaller, less developed people (kids and adolescents). If you look at the dosage instructions of over-the-counter pain relief medicine, there is typically different dosage for children under a certain age. I think the same would apply to Oxycontin and other oxycodone- and hydrocodone-based medication

Many opinions claim that young people, kids and children, are more susceptible to addiction. Oxycontin is VERY addictive, so that may be another reason why children should avoid using Oxy.

Interestingly enough, Purdue Pharmaceuticals is attempting to extend Oxycontin patents by running test trials on children. I am not sure of the results. Anyone..?


answered 23 Aug '12, 17:06

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