What is a methadone clinic?

Wondering why we have "methadone clinics" but not other forms of drug clinics. Is methadone the first legal drug for drug addicts and controlled by the state? When will there be marijuana clinics? (Question submitted by email)

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Methadone clinics apply methadone maintenance, a form of drug treatment for opiate addiction, such as heroin, morphine, oxycontin, etc.


Drug Rehab

Methadone clinics, and the applied methadone maintenance treatment (mmt), is a form of drug rehabilitation that begins in detox.



Marijuana clinics are federally banned and often hold quasi-legal statuses in many states.


Opiate Detox

Methadone is often used during opiate detox, especially heroin treatment, to help with withdrawal symptoms and addictive cravings.



Methadone clinics administer the synthetic analgesic, methadone, as a replacement for opiates like heroin and morphine, and synthetic opioids like oxycontin and hydrocodone.

A methadone clinic is a facility where the narcotic analgesic called methadone is administered under supervision to addicts in order to ease them off of certain addictive drugs. Methadone Clinics are abundant mainly due to the severity of addiction that different opiates can cause. Drugs and opiates such as heroin, morphine, oxycontin and hydrocodone can lead users to become physically dependent, requiring a gradual sobering process so the body can adjust.


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While there are general drug rehab clinics, a marijuana clinic wouldn't make much sense logically. Marijuana is a drug that is not considered physically addictive. While people can become addicted to smoking weed regularly, it is considered more of a mental addiction that can be cured without a substance such as methadone.


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When people have such a powerful addiction to a drug such as heroin it can be physically dangerous and even fatal if one were to go sober "cold turkey" or without assistance. The body needs time to adjust. Methadone is a proven diagnosis for allowing people to safely ease into sobriety.


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