Does Miami Dade College have substance free dorms?

Does Miami Dade College have substance free dorms (sober housing)?

asked 03 Jul '12, 22:35

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Miami Dade College is located in Miami, Florida. Miami Dade College is a state college. In "sober dorms" or "substance free" dorms, drugs and alcohol are prohibited. Some colleges and universities also include drug treatment, addiction counseling, sober living services student sobriety support programs, and additional drug awareness information.

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Alcohol use is common on college campuses, however, not everyone drinks. Some students prefer to live in a sober community, free from substance use and abuse.



It is common for colleges and universities to have high rates of drug use and abuse in student housing. However, many students do not use drugs and want the option of living in substance-free dorms.

No. Miami Dade College doesn't even provide housing in the first place. However, MDC does promote a drug-free campus through its commitment to the Drug Free Schools and Community Amendments of 1989, a federal effort to stop on-campus drinking and drug use.


answered 28 Aug '12, 13:24

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