Does marijuana use decrease alcohol abuse?

Someone very close to me smokes marijuana to cut alcohol cravings. Does this actually work?

asked 03 Jul '12, 19:53

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Alcohol can create chemical dependencies in the body that are extremely difficult to reverse once they have set.


Alcohol Abuse

It is difficult for many recovering alcoholics to fight addictive cravings and enabling behavior without the help of medication.



Many people believe that marijuana carries medicinal qualities that can be used to treat various ailments and adverse symptoms.


Alcohol Treatment

Alternatives to traditional treatment for alcoholism is in high demand as people look for more natural solutions to addiction management.

It's not as if smoking marijuana will scientifically make you less likely to drink alcohol, but if you're the type of person who needs some kind of "high" on a semi-regular basis, then it can surely be a replacement. Let's face it, people get bored and need something to unwind. Alcohol and weed are both commonly used as these temporary escapes. I would personally recommend finding other sources to decrease alcohol abuse that do not include trading one substance for another.


answered 10 Jul '12, 20:20

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