Why do Florida and California have so many alcohol treatment centers?

Why are there so many alcohol treatment centers in Florida and California?

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Treatment for alcoholism includes alcohol detox, alcohol rehab, alcohol counseling, group therapy, and other alcohol treatment methods meant to extend into the later years of recovery, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

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Alcohol (CH3-OH) is addictive. Some people become addicted to alcohol, and need formal addiction treatment to regain control over their lives.


Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholics usually need professional help to successfully manage their addiction to alcohol.


Alcohol Treatment

The goal of alcohol treatment is to return alcoholics to sobriety and help them find happiness and meaning in their new life without alcohol.


Alcohol Detox

Alcohol treatment facilities start with alcohol detox, to eliminate the influences of alcohol before attempting mental health and other treatments for co-occurring disorders.


Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism treatment is also commonly known as "rehab" or "alcohol rehab" (rehab from alcohol).

Maybe there are more drug treatment facilities in Florida and California than many other states, partly because there is more drug and alcohol addiction in Florida and California.

Also important is the legal environment. Regulations governing reimbursement for alcohol treatment (and drug treatment) limits the ability of treatment centers to operate successfully in an specific geographic area. They may be less restrictive in the places where there are more treatment options (as a consequence).

That said, many people choose to go to vacation spots like Florida, because life is easier there while they are working to get free of their addiction. It is easier to detox and rehab from alcoholism if you are not worried about the freezing cold, for example.


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