Can I give my teenager a glass of wine at dinner?

When I was in high school, my parents let me have a glass of wine (just one drink) at dinner in our house. I turned out OK. What do YOU think? Should I be letting my teenagers have a glass of wine now-and-then?

asked 28 Jun '12, 19:36

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Alcohol is legal for those of a certain age. Laws were created to help protect the young mind from the potential dangers associated with drinking.


Alcohol Abuse

Underage drinking is considered abuse by many, even if it is only one drink.

Responsibility and respect are key in determining what is OK at the dinner table. A single glass of wine never hurt anyone. But boundaries need to be set; a mutual understanding that the wine is meant for a complimentary taste that is part of the meal and not something that is abused.


answered 02 Jul '12, 23:34

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In several countries, such as Italy and France, it is commonplace for even children to share a glass of wine at the dinner table. Their culture embraces the notion of wine being part of the meal. When this is established at a young age, the family can feel comfortable in knowing the kids are accountable. In my experiences it is better to teach adolescents to drink responsibly at a young age compared to strictly refusing them until they are 21 year old adults. That way the youngin' has a foundation of knowledge and limitations they can carry into adulthood.


answered 02 Jul '12, 23:51

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