What does "blacked out" mean?

What is "black out" drunk? I heard this college kid brag to a friend about the fact that he drank so much, he was "blacked out".

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Though alcohol is legal, it has the ability to cause temporary amnesia in high doses.


Alcohol Abuse

Some people drink until they pass-out. This can cause serious damage to your body and emotional stability.

"Blacked out" generally means the person drank so heavily that they forgot the rest of their night, effectively binge drinking to the point of memory loss.


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I've heard this term used in various degrees, typically as a way of saying the person got extremely drunk. Whether that person means they literally cannot remember what happened, or things began to get "fuzzy," it means that they likely drank way too much alcohol.

If you plan on drinking socially it is never a good idea to "black out." Not only is it extremely unhealthy, but not having control of your actions can lead to unseen consequences. Drinking responsibly should always be a priority. You and your friends need to know when to cut each other off, assuring a "black out" never occurs.


A 'Blackout' caused by drinking alcohol is a form of amnesia. You do not have to drink a great amount of alcohol to have a Blackout. Alcohol affects different people in different ways and to different degrees.

A Blackout caused by alcohol consumption is the result of alcohol impairing the brains ability to turn short-term memories into long-term memories. So as a result of this impairment you have no recollection of what you did when you were under the influence of alcohol.


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