Does alcohol damage your liver?

I heard alcohol is bad for your liver. How does alcohol effect your liver, really? What if I have just a drink a day?

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Though alcohol is legal and accepted in many social settings, it can be a very harmful substance when heavily abused.


Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholics often suffer from ailments attributed to chronic alcohol abuse, including cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and cancer.


Alcohol Abuse

Drinking too much alcohol can result in alcohol poisoning and death.

It has been proven that chronic alcohol abuse can cause liver damage and liver cancer. YES, too much alcohol is bad for your liver.

But I wonder how moderate drinking effects your liver. I heard moderate drinking benefits your body in a lot of's hard to imagine it helping your liver, though. Anyone?


answered 15 Aug '12, 16:16

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Yes alcohol does damage your liver if your use of alcohol is chronic. It can lead to ALD (Alcohol-induced Liver Disease) and Liver Cancer. But this again directly proportional to the severity of your alcoholism.

There are studies now that show that a glass of wine/port/sherry a day is actually good for you. The liver is the only organ that has regenerative capabilities. As little as 25% of a liver can regenerate into a whole liver. However, if you are at the aftershave, Lysol and rubbing alcohol consumption stage - it's not likely your liver will recover.


answered 13 Jun '13, 20:17

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