What is a "bender"?

Someone recently told me that they went on a four-day bender. What does that even mean?

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Drug Abuse

Mixing drugs with alcohol as means to amplify the effects of the drugs is considered abuse and can seriously damage general health.



Though alcohol is legal, binge drinking can be very dangerous to your health and mental well-being.


Alcohol Addiction

An addiction to alcohol may spark periods of particularly heavy abuse, lasting days at a time.


Alcohol Abuse

Binge drinking is one of the most common forms of alcohol abuse.

A bender is a drinking binge that lasts for a long time (days). If you're an alcoholic, but in recovery, and you revert to drinking, there's a very good chance you'll go on a bender that first time. In my meetings they say that if you return to drinking, you re-start not where you left off, but where you would have been if you had still been drinking all the time you were sober. So if I am 9 years sober but was a 8 scotch per night drunk before (not saying I was.. lol) I would probably return to 10 or 12 a night... which is where I left off plus where I would have advanced to over the past 9 years.

Truth is I'd be dead 9 years after where I was, but you get the idea.

Someone on a bender is usually lost to the world... out of touch, out of control, for a while. Might be a few days, might be whatever it takes to run out of money or get hurt or busted.

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