Does insurance cover the cost of drug treatment?

Drug treatment can be an expensive commitment, especially when it comes to inpatient programs. Do insurance companies cover the costs of drug treatment, including detoxification (detox), rehabilitation (rehab), aftercare, and any medication along the way?

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Treatment for substance abuse most commonly includes a detoxification (detox) regiment, inpatient or outpatient treatment at a facility, and aftercare programs for long-term aid. Detox and inpatient/outpatient treatment are more costly than most aftercare programs, and rehabilitation costs will vary depending on the program and length of stay. Medication is often prescribed during rehabilitation, adding significant costs. Note that addiction is a mental health disorder, and many insurance companies cover treatments of such illnesses.

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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a disease. Treatment of such illnesses are often covered by insurance policies.


Drug Detox

Drug detox is considered a vital element of drug treatment.


Drug Rehab

Drug rehab can easily be the most expensive element of recovery.


Drug Treatment

Drug treatment refers to the various programs and professional assistance used during one's recovery from drug addiction.

Very few detox and rehab centers will take a patient before it's been settled how much insurance will pay (in fact, only one I know of). I think one of the tell tale signs of quality and integrity in a rehab place is how they treat you before they know if you have good insurance. When they only know you need help, do they try and help you? Or do they just work really hard to figure out if you can pay full boat or not first.


Insurance covers the cost of treatment in most cases, but every insurance policy needs to be checked for coverage. To find out if your insurance policy will cover substance abuse treatment, it is best to call around and have a treatment facility check your specific policy. Once they have your coverage information, they will be able to determine whether there will be any out-of-pocket expenses. Chances are, your medication will at least be covered.


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