What is a safe dosage of hydrocodone?

How much hydrocodone should you be taking in one dose? How much is too much?

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Note: there is no "safe dose" of any drug. Drugs must be prescribed by a licensed physician. See your doctor for important dose information or any questions or concerns you may have about drugs, drug use, side effects.

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Prescription Drugs

Hydrocodone-based medication is available by prescription only.


Drug Abuse

Using hydrocodone outside of doctor's orders is considered abuse.



Hydrocodone is an opiate used for the treatment of mild to sever pain.



We often refer to pain relief medication as "painkillers".



Hydrocodone is often combined with less-powerful, non-opioid compounds to lessen general toxicity of the medication.

Like most prescribed painkillers the recommended dosage is ---EDITED---. If the recommended dosage is not sufficient enough for the pain contact your doctor. You should never take more than the recommended hydrocodone due to potential liver damage and respiratory depression.


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Please note: there is no "safe" or "proper" dose of medications, especially dangerous Schedule II narcotics like hydrodocone, except as prescribed by your doctor. Please refrain from suggesting "n pills" or "every n hours" because you do not know the proper dose for the individual, nor do you even know the strength of the "pills" in question.

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Hydrocodone is regularly combined with acetaminophen (tylenol). If you were to take heavy dosages of this substance you are doing serious damage to your liver. Make sure the tablet you are prescribed correlates with your the amount of pain you are experiencing, limiting the possibility for long term health issues.

Also, remember to never drink alcohol when on pain medication!


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*Alcohol amplifies the effects of painkillers.

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There is no "safe" dose of hydrodocone. Hydrocodone is an opioid prescription pain killer (analgesic). It should only be prescribed by a licensed physician, and is normally prescribed for the treatment of severe, debilitating pain.

Formulations of hydrocodone include combinations with acetaminophen (e.g. Tylenol brand of acetaminophen) such as in Vicodin, Lortab, Lorcet, and others. Acetaminophen is also a drug, and can be dangerous depending on how it is taken, by whom, and with what other substances.

Opiate or opioid addiction (like heroin addiction) is complicated by habituation and tolerance that grows with increased use over time. Chronic use of prescription pain killers like hydrocodone can lead to a need for higher levels of the drug over time. This can complicate dosing, and be very dangerous. Many people have died after using what they assumed was a safe dose based on prior use.


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