How do you detox from hydrocodone addiction?

What is the proper way to detox from hydrocodone? Can you just stop cold turkey?

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Hydrocodone Addiction

Many people have become addicted to their prescription medication and need professional assistance in rehab and recovery.


Prescription Drugs

Hydrocodone-based medication is available by prescription only.


Hydrocodone Detox

Detox from hydrocodone addiction is a very demanding process that should be supervised by medical professionals.



Hydrocodone is an opiate used for the treatment of mild to severe pain.



Hydrocodone is often combined with less-powerful, non-opioid compounds, like Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen, to lessen general toxicity in the medication.

For hydrocodone addiction, a medically supervised detox is necessary for a healthy recovery. Do NOT try this on your own. Quitting cold turkey can be life-threatening and will surely hurt you more than it will help. Opiate dependencies are exceptionally strong, so detox must be slow and gradual. Most hydrocodone detox regiments taper down the addict's typical dosage over 3-5 days, and other medication may be used to help with additional withdrawal symptoms. Often times, emotional and therapeutic support is also recommended to ensure the highest probability of success.


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