What is the purpose of Suboxone or Subutex during detox?

Some detox programs I read about give patients Suboxone or Subutex in their facilities. What is it for? Which is most preferred?

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The drug detoxification process is a difficult and often painful experience for a recovering addict. Physical withdrawal becomes more violent as dosage and length of abuse increase. For recovering opiate addicts, an opioid antagonist called buprenorphine is used during detox to treat addictive cravings and moderate pain. Suboxone and Subutex are among a handful of effective detox medications, however, results vary from person to person. If you need help with withdrawal or detox, please contact a professional drug detox center with a medical professional or find other medical assistance.

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Suboxone is a federally controlled narcotic medication.



Subutex contains buprenorphine hydrochloride as its active ingredient.


Opiate Addiction

The abuse of opiates can create addiction and physical dependence, withdrawal from which can be dangerous.


Prescription Drugs

Subutex and Suboxone are available by prescription only.


Opiate Detox

Physicians may prescribe medications to patients withdrawing from opiates in detox treatment programs.

Suboxone is used while detoxing clients from opiates. Its purpose is to help manage addictive tendencies and alleviate pain caused by withdrawals. The medication should be administered in a tapered dose, alleviating the risk of developing a new dependence on yet another medication. Once the detox is completed, usually within 7 days, Suboxone is no longer needed.


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You should use Suboxone, rather than Subutex, because it has a lower potential for abuse. This is due to the inclusion of naloxone, which will cause withdrawal if the drug is dissolved and injected, but has little effect when Suboxone is used sub-lingually (dissolved and absorbed beneath the tongue). Use Suboxone strictly for the detox period in order to avoid dependence.

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