What is Fentanyl?


I'm not sure what this is. It's for pain.

Fentanyl (known also as fentanil) is a prescription drug whose current brand names include Actiq, Duragesic, and Sublimaze. Its common street names are "Apache", "China girl", "China white", "dance fever", "friend", "goodfella", "jackpot", "murder 8", "TNT", as well as "Tango and Cash".

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Prescription Drugs

Fentanyl is available by prescription only.



Fentanyl is an opiate used for pain management.



Fentanyl is prescribed as a pain reliever, also known as a painkiller.



Fentanyl is a prescription pain reliever in the form of a patch.



Carfentanil is an analog of fentanyl so powerful it is used only as a elephant tranquilizer and has no human medical use.

Fentanyl is "is a potent synthetic narcotic analgesic with a rapid onset and short duration of action". It's a pain killer (analgesic). It's a synthetic narcotic (so it is not found in nature, is manufactured, is probably prescription only, and probably addictive).


In my opinion, Fentanyl is the most powerful painkiller available today.


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Fentanyl is an extremely powerful prescription drug, listed as a Schedule II (some known medical use, extreme potential for abuse and addiction) controlled narcotic under the US federal system.


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"In my opinion, Fentanyl is the most powerful painkiller available today"

Unfortunately that status never lasts... we moved on to carfentanil and molecular variants see http://detoxanswers.com/questions/2244/what-is-carfentanil#2260.


According to Florida's reporting,

"Since heroin is rapidly metabolized to morphine, this may lead to a substantial over-reporting of morphine- related deaths as well as significant under-reporting of heroin-related deaths"

so deadliness may be tracking market volume/production more than actual potency... if there's more of one cheaper chemical that metabolizes into morphine, it will probably be more likely to be involved in deaths attributed to morphine.

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