Does drug detox make you sick?

I understand how hard it is to check yourself into a detox program, but is detox itself physically demanding? How bad does it get?

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Detox is a cleansing process, which can send the body into withdrawal. Withdrawal can be painful and nauseating, depending on the substance abused, typical dosage, and length of time it was used. For example, marijuana withdrawal is mild. Many drugs are not associated with physical withdrawal symptoms. Most people chose to visit a drug detox center and have their detox managed, to avoid withdrawal sickness. Withdrawal from benzodiazepines (benzos), such as Ativan and Xanax, can be life threatening if not carried out in a medical setting.

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Drug Addiction

The stronger the addiction, the more extreme the withdrawal during detox will be.


Drug Detox

Drug detox is both a physically and mentally demanding process.


Drug Rehab

Many drug rehab programs include a detox regiment or recommend detox before admission.


Drug Treatment

Drug detox is an important element of drug treatment, as it brings a recovering addict to sober equilibrium, ready for rehabilitation.

It's getting better. Gone are the days when going through detox meant a trip through hell. With advances in medications, and a better understanding of the human body, detoxing from alcohol or drugs is safer and more comfortable than ever before, and far less traumatic than you would expect. Most patients going through a detox are, in fact, quite comfortable, eating meals, attending groups, socializing, and even sleeping better than they have in quite some time.


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Detox attempts to manage an addict’s chemical dependency and revert the body back to sober equilibrium. The physical and mental dependencies created by addiction cause extremely unpleasant effects when they are not satisfied. Pain, nausea, and mental strain are common side effects of detox. Benzodiazepine (benzo) detox, for such drugs as Xanax and Ativan, can even be life-threatening if not performed correctly.


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Yes, Yes, and Yes. Detox is hell on earth!


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From email: There is no reason to "tough it through" a serious withdrawal from drugs today. Doctors have figured out how to manage just about all of the consequences of withdrawal for the week or so it takes to detox. Any detox center has the drugs to manage it and keep it civil, and it's just an exercise in comfort (with costs associated with that). So don't expect to be "comfortable" detoxing in prison, for example, because they won't care much about your comfort levels (but won't let you die, either). Good detox centers have better meds to keep you from feeling sick, meds to help you sleep (without getting addicted lol), and they (are paid to) bother to dose you properly and safely. The best ones have LOTS of TVs and premium programming... to kill the boredom of waiting.

Given there are medical risks to unassisted withdrawal, it's probably a good idea to always get help anyway.


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