Do people really do rectal beer bongs?!

Do people really do rectal beer bongs? I recently saw a newscast that featured rectal beer bongs and vodka soaked tampons being used by teens to get drunk. Are people really this stupid and self destructive??

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Though alcohol is legal it is a controlled substance and is addictive.


Alcohol Abuse

Beer bongs are a method used to consume excessive amounts of alcohol in a very short period of time.

Any chemical placed into the rectum will be absorbed into the body almost immediately. Rectal drug administration is very effective, and far more effective than oral dosing (eating or swallowing medications). The "suppository" is exactly that - a formulation designed to be inserted into the rectum. Suppositories are popular with small children who cannot be trusted or induced into swallowing medications, for example.

College "kids" experimenting with rectal dosing (like a "Butt Chugg" or rectal beer bong or anal beer bong) are correct in thinking they can get drunk without getting sick to their stomach, or without having to wait an hour to feel inebriated (drunk). They also risk death, however, because it is very easy to overdose on alcohol. Many of the natural protections against death by overdose are the same things they avoid by administering rectally - the sickness, the fatigue and the volume of beer for example needed to overdose by drinking may actually prevent overdose in some people who would overdose if they administered the same amount directly into the lower intestine/rectum.

The sense of "getting drunk" and the anxiety associated with recognizing you are not in complete control of yourself, may also "slow you down" from overdosing from alcoholic drinks. The delay in time allows for reaction to the process, and some moderation of the amount consumed to manage the process. Your friends canals "watch out for you" if you are on a timeline of drinking and reacting. With rectal dosing, the effects are almost immediate and absorption is very efficient, so there may be no time or opportunity to manage an overdose, which can kill you.


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Steve-O did it on Jackass Number 2... It was called the Butt Chugg:

What is seen on Jackass is recreated by millions of stupid kids around the world... Yes, real people are doing it too.


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Butt Chugg was awesome. Danger is involved, but so is fun.

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