Can I bring my teddy bear to rehab?

I read something on here about whether or not you can bring your laptop to drug rehab. I've never thought about what you can and can't bring... Would they let me bring my teddy bear!?

asked 24 May '12, 17:08

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Drug Detox

Drug rehab usually starts with drug detox, a period of time spend working through withdrawal symptoms and clearing the body of the influence of drugs. Most people entering "rehab" for drugs that are physically addictive will start the process in a detox center, which has rules for what can be brought in with the patient.


Drug Rehab

Drug rehab centers have rules and regulations that help maintain a healthy environment suitable for successful recovery.


Alcohol Detox

Alcohol withdrawal can be deadly. Most alcohol rehab starts with a stint in alcohol detox at a medical detox center, where ,medical staff and addiction professionals manage the addict through withdrawal. The detox facility will have rules for dress and personal items.


Alcohol Rehab

Rehabilitation from alcohol addiction usually starts with detox. Usually alcohol addiction starts with medical detox in a dedicated detox center, which will have its own house rules.

Of course! Unless your smuggling drugs in it...


answered 30 May '12, 14:27

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