Can pharmacies refuse to fill out-of-state scripts?

We are planning to take an extended road trip. My husband has a prescription for a controlled substance. We have been told he might not be able to get refills outside this state. Is this true?

asked 24 May '12, 16:57

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Prescription Drugs

Most prescription drugs are controlled substances that may be subject to confiscation if found without proper patient identification.


Drug Abuse

Pharmacies may use their discretion when filling prescription in an effort to stop drug abuse.

In Florida, the Board of Pharmacy registers pharmacists so they can fill prescriptions. One of their requirements is that pharmacists take responsibility for the prescriptions they fill. If they feel a prescription is incorrect or not appropriate, they are required by the law to NOT fill the prescription. In effect, the pharmacist can overrule the prescribing doctor.

This is an important issue in Florida because there has been so much prescription pain killer abuse. Just because a doctor (for what ever reason) prescribed high numbers of powerful pain killers, the pharmacist is not required to honor the prescription. In fact, some pharmacies have blacklisted some doctors in Florida.

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