How do I teach my kids about drugs?

I want my children to be aware of the dangers of drugs, drug abuse, and drug addiction, but I also don't want to expose them to the world of drugs too early. When is a good age to have a talk about this? And what should I be sure to tell them?

asked 24 May '12, 14:47

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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a serious subject that should not be taken lightly.


Drug Abuse

Proper education is needed to understand the true dangers of drug abuse.

If you keep your kids busy enough while growing up, drugs shouldn't be an issue until at least high-school. And by busy I mean going to school and being actively involved in some sort of team sport, music lessons, youth organization, science programs, gardening... anything that will keep them on a schedule for most of the week, year-round. It's often the kids that have nothing to do that end up using drugs.

Once in high school, they will be old enough to understand the seriousness of addiction and the dependencies that can be created through drug use. If you teach that well enough, it should be enough of a deterrent to hold them back. It sounds like a scare tactic, but hey, drugs are scary. If your kid has a good head on his or her shoulders, which is created through a healthy upbringing, common sense will hold them back from the risks associated with taking drugs.


answered 30 May '12, 16:00

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Some kids have perfect upbringings and still have messed up heads on their shoulders...

(30 May '12, 18:02) aLtErEdSTATE

We all know: Kids do not always think logically or with any sliver of common sense. They will encounter drugs at some point and have to decide whether to avoid drugs from then on out or to experiment. Many will choose to use, and like it...

So, the important lesson to emphasize is that drugs are only a short-term fix and they mustn't learn to rely on such highs to get them through life or whatever-the-hell they are dealing with. The long-term effects of drug abuse are devastating and often irreversable, especially for the developing brain. They will merely end up worse off then they could ever imagine.

Google "meth mouth" and give them a slideshow... That's scare tactics.


answered 30 May '12, 18:07

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