Is there a way to safely experiment with drugs?


I know that drugs are bad, I know I should't "do drugs", but I am curious. I mean, I never intend to do them again, I just want to know what they are like. What should I do?

asked 24 May '12, 14:36

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Drug Abuse

The recreational use of drugs is often considered abuse; most drugs are specifically designed to treat an illness or disorder, not for casual use.

I am happy this question is being asked; it's in our nature to be curious, and in our best interests to be safe.

The first thing is, you never really know that the drugs you take are actually the drugs you think you are taking. In most cases, the drugs have passed through countless hands before reaching yours, and may be cut and resold at any, if not every, stage. You could be as "safe" as you possibly can and still have no control of the potential poison you may put in your body. Don't mess with a drug unless you know it's origin... that cuts out a LOT of the danger of drug use right there.

In a perfect world, all drug experimentation would be monitored by a fully equipped medical team: unobtrusive, but ready to intervene if anything went wrong. But, this is not a perfect world, so you must ensure that the environment in which you experiment with drugs is ready for drug-crazed-you and that the company that you are with holds you in good hands. I've heard of many people bringing along a sober friend during their trips to have as a voice of reason and clarity if needed; a sober friend will be much more capable of acting appropriately in dire situations... MOST situations in life are NOT good times to be on drugs.

It is never a good idea to use drugs when you are unsure about your mental health or emotional stability. I've seen some pretty major freak-outs by those who were simply not mentally ready for the experience. That can be anything from having depression, too much stress, relationship issues, insecurities... hell, a loved dog could have a pending surgery and that alone could send someone into a darker spiral during a bad trip.

Don't take too much, drink lots of water, eat appropriately... How about, don't go jumping off buildings when you think you can fly. What am I supposed to say, drugs make people crazy. You're never "safe", really. Anything can happen; my words are merely educated conclusions.


answered 31 May '12, 14:43

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When you say "drugs" do you mean controlled drugs, as in prescription drugs? If yes, then it is illegal to take drugs that were not prescribed for you.

If by "drugs" you do not mean prescription drugs, then do you mean illegal drugs? Prescription drugs sold on the street are illegal to sell, buy, or possess. Most substances known as "drugs" are either prescription (controlled) drugs or illegal (controlled) substances like heroin or marijuana.

I wonder then, how you can "experiment" with drugs, without breaking the law. And if the question is "is it ok to break the law" then the answer has to be no.

Now should you be able to experiment with mind-altering substances, or should things like pot and psychedelic mushrooms be illegal, is a whole other question.


No! When will people understand!? You're seriously better-off not taking, trying, "experimenting" drugs. Period.


One dose may be one dose too many.


answered 31 May '12, 15:10

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We can't just say, "don't do drugs," and expect that to really help anyone. Take a step back and embrace a little harm-reduction. Drug use is inevitable, so we might as well educate the public on how to be as safe as possible around this stuff.


answered 05 Jun '12, 13:50

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