Does prayer help during recovery from drugs and alcohol?

I am unsure about how I feel when I bring God into my drug and alcohol addictions, is this going to help?

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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other faith-based treatment programs often use prayer as means to help people manage their addictions.

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Drug Addiction

Many people use prayer and religion as means of recovering from drug addiction.



Though alcohol is a legal substance for those of a certain age, it is a controlled substance and is addictive.


Alcohol Addiction

Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) use religion as its backbone for recovery.


Addiction Treatment

There are various paths recovering addicts can take to a successful recovery, and it may be different for every person.


Drug Recovery

Some recovering drug addicts attribute their sobriety to the help of prayer and religion.

Recovery has nothing to do with 'Religion'. I think that a more apt word would be 'Spirituality'. That being the case, a resounding 'YES' would be the answer. Prayer allows you formulate questions that you need answers for (but don't know how to ask), and lets you ask for guidance from " A Power Greater than Ourselves". This helps us put our lives and the 'Illusion' of control into perspective and enables us to discover the essence of our being.


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