Am I free to overdose at a safe injection site?

Hypothetically speaking, if I were to go to a safe injection site where I can use drugs under medical supervision, can I take as much as I want and know I am safe? In other words, if I overdose, they'll save me, right?

asked 24 May '12, 13:33

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Drug Abuse

Chronic drug abuse often results in an accidental overdose.


Harm Reduction

Safe injection sites, like Vancouver's InSight, aim to lessen the harmful effects of drug abuse and addiction.

Referencing the same safe injection site in Vancouver, I spoke with a friend who works there but does not want to be identified. I think the response will help clear up a misconception the questioner has; namely that the location "supervises the users".

A "safe injection site" does not mean "supervised". The site is there to give users an environment that is clean and where they can know they will not be rolled, robbed or beaten up while they are under the influence of their drug of choice. Users fix and are moderately monitored. If a user becomes clearly non-responsive, an ambulance is called to take them to hospital.

When I questioned the reports there had never been an overdose death at the site, my friend sort of snorted and said, "Like I said, as soon as we see they are in trouble, we get them into an ambulance and off the property! Users still sometimes die from overdosing. We just see to it they don't do it HERE! Maybe you should ask the EMTs how many of their transports from here end up dying enroute to or at the hospital!"

In short, the answer to "if I overdose, they'll save me, right?" is... not necessarily.


answered 06 Jun '12, 21:05

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In the case of Vancouver's safe injection site, InSight, no one has died from an overdose "on-site", which probably means that they'll at least get you out the door with a heartbeat... even if it's in an ambulance... on the way to the ER.


answered 06 Jun '12, 16:05

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