What are street names for Meth?

I need a list of the street names for Meth (Methamphetamine).

asked 01 May '12, 20:43

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Meth (methamphetamine, produced commercially as prescription drug Desoxyn)is a Schedule II controlled substance in the US, prescribed for treatment of ADHD, obesity, narcolepsy, and depression. It is widely abused as a recreational drug.

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Methamphetamines (meth) are some of the most addictive and destructive drugs found on the street.

Starting with:

Crank MAMP Crystal Icebergs or bergs Crystal Glass Mexican Crack Crystal Meth Meth Desoxyn Christina Tina Cris Cristy Ice Speed Geep Geeter Getgo Go Fast Poor Man's Coke Redneck Cocaine Working Man's Cocaine Trash Garbage Wash Hanyak Hironpon Hiropon Hot Ice Cristy Batu Kaksonjae LA Glass LA Ice Quartz and Super Ice. Soap Dope (pink meth) Sparkle (shiny meth) Lemon Drop (yellow meth) Holiday Ice (green tint) also known as Christmas Meth.

answered 03 May '12, 16:47

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