Are breathalyzers reliable?

How accurate are breathalyzers?

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Breathalyzers are common blood-alcohol content (BAC) tests.


Drug Testing

Breathalyzers test how much alcohol is in your blood (BAC test).

Breathalyzers are very reliable. You may be able to pass a physical sobriety test with flying colors, but the moment you blow over a 0.08 BAC while driving (or over 0.00 BAC for those underage), you're deemed "under the influence" and very dangerous on the road. Your BAC reading can count against you in court, that's saying something.

I have heard of court cases where people are let-off because the breathalyzer used was deemed faulty. Police often have to take more that one reading for an "accurate measurement" to appear, which may be evidence that the equipment was less-than perfect. Also, significant levels of acetone can cause breathalyzers to malfunction, along with the presence of chemical fumes from paint, cleaning products, and other potent substances.


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