Are there private drug treatment programs?

Say you want complete privacy during detox or rehab, are there one-patient programs available?

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Drug Addiction

Drug addicts may choose to use drug detox and/or rehab to help manage their addictions.


Drug Detox

Drug detox prepares the mind and body for the long road of drug treatment.


Drug Rehab

Organized programs, like drug rehab (inpatient, outpatient, etc.), are the most common way people treat their addictions to drugs.


Drug Treatment

There are various levels of privacy offered by drug treatment centers around the world.

Private treatment does exist, but it is often very expensive and, frankly, not always necessary. Almost all detox and rehab programs have multiple clients at once, but they make sure plenty of intimate, individual treatment is included in the regiment. One-on-one counseling is very common in detox and rehab, as well as the choice of having private living quarters.

It is actually very important for a recovering addict to be surrounded by those going through the same thing. Group involvement helps recovering addicts know that they are not alone and allows for growth through collaboration.


...private treatment is for celebrities.


answered 10 Apr '12, 14:20

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