Why do people do drugs?

I am just wondering why people want to do them if they are illegal/bad?

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The question "why do people do drugs?" needs a lot of clarification. Why do people abuse drugs? Why do some people continue to use drugs that are hurting them and changing their lives for the worse? Or, perhaps why do some people take the risk of using addictive and dangerous (or illegal) drugs? All great questions, with no easy answers.

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Drug Addiction

Some people "do drugs" because they are addicted. Drug addiction is complex, and some drug users choose NOT to continue to take drugs, but are driven to continue because of addiction, outside of voluntary control.

My friend does drugs and is not addicted. He is using illegally, because he buys prescription pain meds on the street (roxy). He has never been addicted although I'm not sure I believe that.


"roxy" is roxycet, or maybe roxycodone. Not sure.

(15 Feb '12, 13:32) sams

Why do people take drugs?

Because it seems like the fun thing to do at the time. Because it seems like the cool thing to do at the time. Because it seems like an interesting thing to do at the time. Because my friends were doing drugs. Because everyone around me was taking drugs and having fun, and I wasn't.

I took drugs because I had no idea how the drugs would mess me up.


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