Is AA only for alcoholics?

My brother has been going to AA meetings for five years to help with his heroin addiction. I know that AA is known for its open-arms policy, but it seems odd for a heroin addict to attend alcoholics anonymous. Do all AA programs accept drug addicts?

asked 02 Apr '12, 17:13

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Though alcohol is legal, it is a controlled substance and is addictive.


Addiction Treatment

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is specifically designed for the treatment of alcohol addiction.


Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) helps millions of recovering alcoholics manage their addiction.


Alcohol Treatment

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an effective alcohol treatment supplement recommended by many professionals.

Yes. The AA program specifically addresses the problems, needs and support of alcoholics. It is possible your brother does not have access to an NA (Narcotics Anonymous) program and the AA group he attends has chosen to accept him rather than see him try to beat his addiction without any 12 step support at all. The AA program has several other similar programs that offer support for the children, spouses and friends of alcoholics.


answered 09 May '12, 13:42

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Hardcore AAers get real perturbed if you ask a question, make reference to or make mention of ANY substance other than alcohol at an AA 12 Step Meeting.


answered 02 Aug '13, 13:51

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