What is in GungHo Energy Shots?

The website is very dense and all about Ninja's and the "proprietary blend" of ingredients. I can't find any actual references to ingredients. It has a "has not been evaluated by the FDA" disclaimer, which basically means it could be anything.

I just want to now what's in it before I trust it.

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Citicholine (CDP-Choline or Cytidinediphosphocholine) is a main ingredient of GungHo Energy Shots.


Energy Drinks

GungHo Energy Shots is a new energy drink on the market, claiming to increase mental focus.

GungHo Energy Shots: This is a dietary supplement, not evaluated by the FDA. When a manufacturer combines ingredients that are already considered "food safe" they can go to market without involving regulatory bodies like the FDA. Medical Authority: We found a press release and a marketing website with many marketing claims citing an MD (Dr. Perry Renshaw). Dr. Renshaw has impressive credentials. Dr. Renshaw provides alot of commentary without making claims, until he says the following clear assertion:

GungHo will actually increase levels of critical neurotransmitters in the brain over time. Thus optimal results for focus, concentration and brain health will be seen with the suggested daily intake.

From what we can see (without further study), this product contains Cytidinediphosphocholine (CDP-choline) or Citicoline. Citicholine is widely available as a supplement in the US, and is prescribed for stroke victims and some other patients around the world.

Other names for Citicholine are: 5'-Cytidine diphosphate choline, CDPC, CDP Choline, CDP-Choline, Citicholine, Citicolina, Cytidine 5-Diphosphocholine, Cytidine 5'-diphosphocholine, Cytidine (5') diphosphocholine, Cytidine Diphosphate Choline, Cytidine Diphosphocholine, Cytidinediphosphocholine.

WebMD notes there are side effects for Citicholine, and that the "safety of long-term use is not known". It was developed in Japan:

Citicoline was originally developed in Japan for stroke. It was later introduced as a prescription drug in many European countries. In these countries it is now frequently prescribed for thinking problems related to circulation problems in the brain. In the US, citicoline is marketed as a dietary supplement...Citicoline seems to increase a brain chemical called phosphatidylcholine. This brain chemical is important for brain function. Citicoline might also decrease brain tissue damage when the brain is injured.


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From a 2005 FDA letter on commercial citicholine product Cognizin:

Citicoline for supporting memory and delaying cognitive decline associated with aging.

Cognizin (CJKO1ine, CDP-choline or cytidine 5 ’diphosphocholirtq) is a highly pursed, endogenous,nucleic acid precursor to phusphatidylcholine, an important nutrient for brain cell membrane integrity and fluidity.

This highly bioavailable compound also converts to acetyicholine, a critical neurotransmitter essential for healthy cell-to-cell communication as well as for memory storage and recall.

Used throughout Europe and Japan to help promote neurological function capacity, citicoline has been the focus of multiple studies.

A clinical trial held at the Consolidated Department of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School, reported that oral citicoline supplementation promoted phospholipid biosynthesis.

Another study suggested that citicoline promotes the activity of phosphocoline cytidylyl transferase (CTP), the rate-limiting enzyme in the phosphatid lcholine synthesis pathway in brain cells.

A study conducted at the Department of Neurological Surgery, Cardiovascular Research Center, University of Wisconsin, reported that citicoline attenuates phospholipase A2 (PLA2), which helps to maintain healthy arachidonic acid metabolism.

As a result, researchers suggested that citicoline may help to moderate the formation of reactive oxygen species, lipid peroxides, and leukotrienes within cerebral tissue.

A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial conducted at the Clinical Research Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, indicated that citicoline promoted healthy verbal memory function.

Another clinical study reported that citicoline helped improve neurological health and was well tolerated.

Furthermore, a double blind, placebo-controlled study suggested that citicoline promoted healthy cerebral blood flow and brain bio electrical activity.

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