How much does drug rehab cost?

What is the typical price range of drug rehab programs?

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Drug Rehab

Many recovering drug addicts use rehab programs to help them learn how to live happily without the influence of drugs.


Drug Treatment

Drug rehab is considered one of the most important elements of drug treatment, not to mention one of the most expensive too.

The cost of treatment can vary from free to thousands of dollars. Most states, some counties, and even some cities have alcohol and drug treatment centers that are funded entirely via taxes. The programs they offer can be long-term residential treatment or short-term outpatient treatment.

These are either entirely free or have alternative payment plans or sliding-scale plans where what you pay is based on your income bracket.

However, these facilities often have very long waiting lists.

There are many, privately owned treatment centers in every state in the country. Again, the cost of these can range from thousands to tens-of-thousands of dollars.

Please be aware that just because you are paying tens-of-thousands of dollars, does not mean that you are necessarily getting the best possible treatment. Or conversely, that just because it free that it's poor quality treatment.

The answer is to do your research. Check ratings and patient testimonies. A good place to start this process is at


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