Do drugs affect men and women differently?

Do drugs affect men and women differently? Is one sex more prone to addiction than the other?

asked 29 Mar '12, 14:33

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Drug Addiction

Both men and women around the world struggle with drug addiction.


Drug Abuse

Men and women share tendencies for drug abuse, though much debate circulates potential differences between the sexes.

This question is dependent on a multitude of variables. Which drug is being taken? What is the persons weight and tolerance level to the drug? If you were to take two very similar body type and tolerance leveled male and female then the answer would be yes.

Women produce nearly half the amount of serotonin than men. Serotonin regulates the sense of "well-being" in a brain, making women more susceptible to drugs that target ones emotions(such as cocaine, ecstasy, etc.) Women also have proportionately less water in their bodies, allowing them to become more intoxicated when drinking alcohol.


answered 26 Jun '12, 19:39

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Drugs affect all people differently. It is impossible to say one drug will affect you more or less than someone else because it is nearly impossible to know the exact chemical makeup of your own body at any certain time. With that said women are statistically more likely to have a stronger reaction to most drugs.

Adversely, men are almost twice as likely to become addicted in the long term.


answered 26 Jun '12, 20:13

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