What is AA?

What is an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting?

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Many people are addicted to alcohol and turn to programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to help manage their addiction.


Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is designed for the treatment of alcohol addiction.


Addiction Treatment

Many people use Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to help manage their addictions.


Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a common rehabilitation supplement, meant to extend throughout the later part of recovery.


Alcohol Treatment

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is designed to help people manage their addictions to alcohol.

Technically speaking AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is a worldwide organization which holds the objective of helping alcoholics reach sobriety through communal gatherings. Although AA is its own private establishment with its own membership and gathering policies, the concept of an "AA meeting" has become common through various organizations and publicly accessible outlets.

AA meetings, whether officially sponsored or not, typically follow the same structural guidelines. A small to medium sized group (5-20) come together in an informal, open-discussion type setting. Usually led by a single group leader, attendees voice their personal issues and stories as the group members listen and contribute positive reinforcement. Members are encouraged to speak freely, understanding that the goal is recovery and progression, rather than shame.


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AA uses a 12-step program. This program gives the attendees linear goals to work towards as they begin to build a foundation of sobriety. Working with other fellow alcoholics can strengthen this process. By working towards goals communally, group members can hold each other accountable, strengthening their commitment and trust in one another. While some members may only be comfortable attending at their own pace, it is highly recommended members attend meetings consistently.


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The most important thing to know about AA is that meetings are open to anyone, completely free, and are there to help make the recovery process as easy as possible. Locating AA meetings in your neighborhood is easy. On the official website and various unofficial sites you can find local meetings that are nearest to you. Many community centers, churches and treatment centers sponsor meetings as well.


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