Is drug detox safe for pregnant women?

How necessary is drug detox for women who are pregnant? Is it safe for the unborn baby?

asked 29 Mar '12, 12:41

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Drug Detox

Drug detox is both a physically and mentally demanding process.


Drug Treatment

Drug detox is often the first action of drug treatment, as it brings recovering addicts to a sober equilibrium.

The common medical consensus is that detoxification is always preferable to using drugs while pregnant. Detox will save the child from being born addicted and allow the mother to be healthier, enabling her to be a better parent. That being said, the detox procedure is always a physically demanding process to endure and, especially in the case of pregnant women, should be conducted in a controlled environment with medical, psychological and emotional support. Many programs use alternative drug therapy during the detoxification process, so it is important the program administrators be aware the patient is pregnant because some drugs can be harmful to the developing child.


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