Where are street drugs made?

Where do all of the drugs on the street come from? (Local producers, large manufacturers, other countries...?)

asked 28 Mar '12, 15:06

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Synthetic Drugs

Many drugs found on the street are synthetics, and can be made by anyone with the right equipment and supplies.


Designer Drugs

Many drugs sold on the street are considered designer drugs, like dragonfly, k2, spice, etc.

When in doubt, chances are it came from Mexico, either grown/produced there or cut and redistributed there...

  • Cocaine: Mexico (no, not Colombia, not this decade)
  • Heroin: Mexico
  • Meth: Mexico
  • Marijuana: Mexico (British Columbia, "BC Bud", supplies the Pacific Northwest and other northern states)
  • MDMA/Ecstasy: Canada and other foreign countries via Canada (through Washington, Michigan, New York borders)

Though you may hear about a meth lab or a marijuana grow-op being shut down now and then, street drugs rarely originate from the United States. Drug activity is simply too regulated for any major drug manufacturer to exist in the United States.


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I agree that drugs are too regulated in the US for a major illegal manufacturing operation to stay under the radar for very long BUT ... there are so many small grow ops and "chemical kitchens" out there in the US that they supply substantial quantities of product to the market. Because they are not legal they can, and do, use all kinds of strange ingredients and their manufacture conditions are not clean. That's why you never know whether the drugs you buy on the street can poison you in different ways than expected. This is one of the favorite reasons cited by proponents of legalizing marijuana and other low level drugs.


answered 24 May '12, 17:05

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