Are some ethnicities more prone to addiction and substance abuse than others?

Are certain ethnicities more prone to addiction and substance abuse than others? I've heard people attribute their high-tolerance to their "Irish blood" or "Native American roots", is this even a possibility?

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Drug Addiction

Anyone can become addicted to drugs, though some ethnicities have a stronger history of addiction than others.



Though alcohol is legal, it is a controlled substance and is very addictive.


Drug Abuse

The rate of drug abuse varies between ethnicities, though there are more similarities than discrepancies.


Alcohol Abuse

Many ethnicities share a history of alcohol abuse.

For sure! You share a lot of your addictive tendencies with your mother and father for a reason: it's all passed down through genetics. I don't know if alcohol tolerance has much to do with your genes, but I am sure various cultural differences help create ethnic consistencies in things like tolerance and mis-use/abuse (drinking-age, social norms, typical amount consumed, etc.).

e.g., many Native American tribes choose to prohibit the sale of alcohol or tobacco on the reservation as a precaution. They have recognized that substance addiction and abuse is particularly hard on their people, and extra steps must be taken to account for the heightened concerns.


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